Recruiting Scripts – Co-Op Agent

Recruiting Scripts – Co-Op Agent

Recruiting Scripts – Co-Op Agent

. Is from our collection of recruiting scripts and dialogs within our Recruiting Mastery program.

We have a collection of recruiting scripts and dialogs which you can use to expand.  Each one of them has a general hook, are all value based and follow the philosophy within our Recruiting Mastery program.  All of our recruiting scripts, worksheets, and programs are available to our members.  For more information on becoming a member feel free to contact us for a free consult.


Recruiting Scripts – Co-Op Agent


[Q1]-How are you?

AGENT-I’m good, thanks.

[Q2]-You’re with _____________________, is that correct?


[Q3]-Can I ask you have long have you been there?

AGENT-5 years.

I’m not sure how much you know about ___________________, but we are expanding in ______________________ and actively looking for Agents who are trying grow their business.

[Q4]- Would you say that you’re trying to grow your business, or just trying to maintain your business?

AGENT- Grow.

I’m not assuming you’re looking to make any changes, but there are a lot of things that we can offer you to help you grow your business that your current broker would never offer to you.

I noticed that you’ve closed _______ transactions over the past 12 months.

[Q5]- Can I ask you where most of that business came from?


[Q6]- How many buyers or sellers did you have to work with to close those ________ transactions?

AGENT-10 people
The hardest part of working in real estate is finding people who actually want to buy or sell.



[UVP1]- We have a steady monthly flow of exclusive client leads, and we are looking for agents who can service and convert these leads into closed transactions.

[Q7]-Do you spend money on marketing yourself?

AGENT-I don’t.

[UVP2]- We also give you tremendous suite of resources like KV Core, iHouse Web, Lokation Instant Offers, Lokation Connect, Cynosure, and others to help you leverage yourself and generate more business, quicker and with less out of pocket expense.

[UVP3]- In addition, we help you significantly increase exposure with Home Actions, Breakthrough Broker, Core Social, Core Listing Machine and a host of others.

[UVP4]- On top of that, we all the support, training and Kulture you’d expect from a traditional brokerage.




[C1]- I like to schedule a time to meet, so we can discuss in more detail. Is that something you might be open to?

AGENT [O1]-It might not be a good time right now.

[R1]- An important aspect to take into consideration is ramp up time. It’s not uncommon for agents joining our team to hit the ground running having new properties and clients under contract within the first few weeks, but there’s no guarantee of that, so the sooner you start training on our platform, the better.

[Q8]-Do you agree that an additional 6 sales this year will help your business grow?

AGENT-Yes, but I have a very busy schedule.

I certainly understand your time is important. I’ll do my best to accommodate your schedule, and truly feel it will be worth your while. I’d like to meet with you to show you more of what we’re offering, and on top of that, introduce you to our District Manager, ____________________. This will be an excellent opportunity to meet a seasoned real estate professional whose expertise is lead conversion and business growth. Whether or not you’re a good fit for the team, you surely will have some useful takeaways.

[C2]-Is _________________ at _______________ or __________________ at ______________________ a good time to meet?