Recruiting Scripts – Cold Agent

Recruiting Scripts – Cold Agent

Recruiting Scripts – Cold Agent. Is from our collection of recruiting scripts and dialogs within our Recruiting Mastery program.

We have a collection of recruiting scripts and dialogs which you can use to expand.  Each one of them has a general hook, are all value based and follow the philosophy within our Recruiting Mastery program.  All of our recruiting scripts, worksheets, and programs are available to our members.  For more information on becoming a member feel free to contact us for a free consult.


Recruiting Scripts – Cold Agent


[Q1]-How are you?

AGENT-I’m good, thanks.

[Q2]-You’re with _____________________, is that correct?


[Q3]-Can I ask you have long have you been there?

AGENT-5 years.
As I mentioned, ___________________ is actively looking for Agents who are trying to grow their business, [Q4]-Would you say that you’re trying to grow your business? Or just trying to maintain your business? AGENT-Grow.

I’m not assuming that you’re looking to make any changes, but there are a lot of things that we can offer to you to help you grow your business that your current broker would never offer to you and I wanted to talk with you about the possibility of scheduling a time to have you come in so we can talk with you in more detail and

[Q5]-I wanted to see if that’s something you might be open to?


I noticed that you’ve closed 5 transactions over the past 12 months?

[Q6]-can I ask you where did most of that business come from?

AGENT-Open houses (BUYERS).

[Q7]-Do you enjoy/feel like you’re pretty good at generating business from _________________? AGENT-Yes I do.

[Q8]-And it looks like you’re doing most of your business in the __________________ area is that correct?

AGENT-That’s right.

That’s the hardest part of working in real estate is finding people who want to buy or sell real estate.

[Q9]-Do you also spend money on advertising, marketing, etc?

AGENT- Yes, I do.




There are many things that ____________________ does to help connect our Agents with more active, prospective clients, In addition to helping you become more productive for example:

[UVP1]- We have a steady monthly flow of exclusive client leads.

[UVP2]- We also give you tremendous suite of resources like KV Core, iHouse Web, Lokation Instant Offers, Lokation Con- nect, Cynosure, and others to help you leverage yourself and generate more business, quicker and with less out of pocket expense.

[UVP3]- In addition, we help you significantly increase exposure with Home Actions, Breakthrough Broker, Core Social, Core Listing Machine and a host of others.

[UVP4]- On top of that, we all the support, training and Kulture you’d expect from a traditional brokerage. What I’d like to do is talk with you about scheduling a time so we can sit down and talk in more detail.




[C1]-Can I ask you are there any particular days during the week that typically works best?

AGENT [O1]-Too busy.

[R1]-I understand busy schedules, mine is busy as well. Let me assure you that I wouldn’t ask you to meet with me if I felt it would be a waste of our time. The worst case scenario is that you’ll walk away with a few ideas you can use to grow your own business. Our meeting will take less than an hour, think of it as a brief meeting of introduction.

[C2]-Can I ask, what usually works best, before lunch or after lunch?

AGENT [O2]-Not interested.

[R2]-I’m not assuming you’re looking to make any changes but there many things that we can offer to you to help you grow your business. The entire purpose of this meeting is purely exploratory and simply to pencil out the numbers in the event that you do decide to make a change at some point. There is never any harm in exploring your options.

[C3]-Can I ask, what does your schedule look like this week?

AGENT- I can meet with you on Tuesday at 2pm.

Great, what I’ll do is text/email you a confirmation with all the details so you know where to go and what time to be there and I’ll look forward to seeing you on ____________ @ __________.