Recruiting Scripts – Leads Hook

Recruiting Scripts – Leads Hook

Recruiting Scripts – Leads Hook. Is from our collection of recruiting scripts and dialogs within our Recruiting Mastery program.

We have a collection of recruiting scripts and dialogs which you can use to expand.  Each one of them has a general hook, are all value based and follow the philosophy within our Recruiting Mastery program.  All of our recruiting scripts, worksheets, and programs are available to our members.  For more information on becoming a member feel free to contact us for a free consult.


Recruiting Scripts – Leads Hook


AGENT- I’m good, thanks.

I chose your name off of the ___________________ website. I’m responsible for growing the ______________________ team and I’m currently looking for Agents that work in your area and are interested in increasing their productivity.

[Q2]- _______________, have you ever considered working for a company that provides you with leads?


Great! We provide our Agents with dozens of leads each month. You even have the ability to track the leads activity level on the website, which better allows you to formulate a communication plan.

[Q3]- Do you think that you could improve your business if your brokerage provided you with leads?

AGENT – What is the quality of the leads? Are they qualified leads?

The leads that are assigned to you are exclusive to you. You do not share them with the other Agents on the team. You also have the ability to track the activity level of a lead on the website.

[Q4]- If you have one lead that logs in every day for an hour and another lead that logs in once a month, who would you spend more time pursuing?

AGENT– I’d spend more time pursing the lead that logs in every day.

Right! Our system allows you to prioritize which clients to contact when.

[Q5]-Do you think that could help you in converting leads?

AGENT– Yes, but what does that cost me? What is your split?

The comp structure is something that we will discuss once you come in and meet the team. It is productivity driven, which means that you have some control over what you make. Also, we don’t charge any out of pocket expenses. We take the upfront risk, which means we have a vested interest in your success.

AGENT – But if I close a deal for my family, I’m going to have a hard time paying a split.

Your family will only account for a small percentage of your deals. You can’t build your business off of only working for family. The leads that we provide allow you to build your business at a rapid pace.



[C1]- Do you want to close 3 or 4 deals a year or do you want to close 20?

AGENT – 20.

Great! We can show you how. Since our Agents are all assigned their own business, there isn’t a need to be as competitive as other brokerages. Our Agents share what works for them. I have an opening on _________________ at __________ or _____________.

[C2]- Which works best for you?

AGENT – 10 a.m.