Recruiting Scripts – New Location

Recruiting Scripts – New Location

Recruiting Scripts -New Location. Is from our collection of recruiting scripts and dialogs within our Recruiting Mastery program.

We have a collection of recruiting scripts and dialogs which you can use to expand.  Each one of them has a general hook, are all value based and follow the philosophy within our Recruiting Mastery program.  All of our recruiting scripts, worksheets, and programs are available to our members.  For more information on becoming a member feel free to contact us for a free consult.


Recruiting Scripts – New Location


[Q1]-How are you?

AGENT-I’m good, thanks.

Date: Phone Number:

Recruiting Scripts New Location

Interest: A B C LTFU Volume:

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The reason I’m calling you is ________________ just opened our new location in ____________________and we are looking for experienced Agents who are trying to grow their business. I noticed you work that area and I wanted to reach out and introduce myself to you.

[Q2]-You’re with _____________________ company, is that correct?


[Q3]-Can I ask you have long have you been there?

AGENT-5 years.

As I mentioned, we are actively looking for Agents who are trying to grow their business,

[Q4]-Would you say that you’re trying to grow your business? Or just trying to maintain your business? AGENT-Grow.

I’m not assuming that you’re looking to make any changes, but there are a lot of things that we can offer to you to help you grow your business that your current broker would never offer to you and I wanted to talk with you about the possibility of scheduling a time to have you come in so we can talk with you in more detail and

[Q5]-I wanted to see if that’s something you might be open to?

***If ‘yes’ keep going, if ‘no’ then “I understand, do you know of anyone who is looking to grow their business?”




[C1]-Can I ask you are there any particular day during the week that typically works best?

AGENT- Tuesday’s.

[C2]-Can I ask, what usually works best, before lunch or after lunch?

AGENT- Before.

[C3]-Can I ask, what does your schedule look like this week?

AGENT- I can meet with you on Tuesday at 11am.

Great, what I’ll do is email you a confirmation with all the details so you know where to go and what time to be there. We are excited to meet with you.



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