Congrats Recruiting Program

Congrats Recruiting Program

Our Congrats Recruiting Program is one of our niche recruiting strategies to layer in for your market.  It is designed to be built on your core recruiting system.  We advocate understanding your recruiting pool and target agents building on your Unique Value Propositions (UVP’s) of building and selecting vs recruiting and retaining.  We are also big believers in building systems around your own Archetype, Values and Strengths as a leader.

Congrats Recruiting Program ScreenshotPhilosophy and Methodology

The attached Congrats Recruiting Program download are PDF’s.   The feel and flavor of the tone and messaging has been working for our clients for years.  We don’t advocate using plug and play marketing because we believe in luxury real estate, branding is so essential.  We walk through a brand assessment with each of our clients to make sure they are strategically positioned within their specific marketplace.

Use the Congratulations Program PDF as a launch point within your branding.  The magic is in your implementation and execution.  We are also happy to share the original InDesign files with you or your marketing person as well.   Make sure you are using your fonts, colors, logos, photography and other regulatory requirements.

The key is to set up the MLS to alert you to new listings.  Set it to alert over a certain price threshold within your market each day.  As you receive the alerts, you can send the listing agents the congratulations messages via handwritten note, email or via social media.

As with all of our recruiting strategies, the goal is conversation, not a slimy pitch.  Your best future associates are professionals and who understand a value based relationship is always going to be based in giving well before asking to receive.   Learn to always look for ways to provide value.  Let it be your obsession and your team’s population won’t be an issue.

May this niche strategy bring as much good fortune as it has to our other clients over the years.  As always, feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.


Download the Congrats Recruiting Program PDF