Real Estate Competitor Assessment

Real Estate Competitor Assessment

Our real estate competitor assessment worksheet was designed in conjunction with out Recruiting Mastery program available to our Private Client Members.


Real Estate Competitor Survey Screenshot

Who are your top five competitors?

Competitor Assessment Instructions:

  1. Write the name of the top competitors in your market foot print. Your foot print is the area within a 20 minute drive from your office.
  2. Next make a note of what their agent count, or population, is in the next box
  3. Look up how many closed units they have in the last rolling 12 months under # of units. Extra credit if you want to geek out a bit and split it between list and buy sides, but it’s not necessary. Ideally, you are only counting those your market footprint.
  4. P.P.P. is short for Per-Person-Production. It measures agent quality. To calculate the PPP, divide the total units by the current population count.
  5. Next, take note of the last, rolling 12 months total gross volume. Ideally, this is limited to your market footprint.
  6. Last, is the competitors percentage of market share. To calculate it, you will take their volume and divide it by the volume for your entire market footprint.
  7. In the last box, do the stats for your office or company.
  8. Once you are done with filling out the chart above, download six of the RELL SWOT Templates from the tools section of our website and fill out one for each competitor and yourself.

Download the Real Estate Competitor Assessment PDF