4DX Scoreboard Template

4DX Scoreboard Template
The 4DX scoreboard template is based on the book 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX).  The 4DX method is a simple, repeatable, and proven method. Designed to help leaders, first, manage the execution of their most crucial strategies. Second, realize breakthrough results. Third, change behaviors. Fourth, achieve higher levels of engagement and performance from your team.  Below you can download our 4DX Scoreboard Template in PDF form.

Discipline 1: Focusing on the Wildly Important

An organization should focus its best effort on only one or two goals that make all the difference. These goals are “wildly important goals” (WIGs). In our years o experience, if the organization exerts only a mediocre effort on dozens of goals. It will never achieve meaningful success.

Discipline 2: Acting on the Lead Measures

Organizational teams break down the WIGs into specific, measurable targets. They must then define the activities that will help them achieve those goals. The achievement of goals are with lag measurements and lead measurements.

Discipline 3: Keeping a Compelling Scoreboard

Teams need to know whether they are achieving their goals. They need a compelling scoreboard so they can compare where they are to where they should be. There is a remarkable difference between the performance of teams. Those who know that know the concepts of their lead and lag measures. Contrasted with the performance of teams that actually know their scores. By practicing Discipline 3, leaders can help their teams. To do so, convert the lead and lag measurements into visible, compelling scoreboard. The sole purpose of the 4dx scoreboard is to engaging team members to win.

Discipline 4: Creating a Cadence of Accountability

Execution happens when leaders create a cadence of accountability. A cycle of accounting for past performance and planning. This cycle recurs frequently and moves the score forward. Execution is more that setting a goal and achieving it. Achieve a critical goal while operating within the day-to-day whirlwind is challenging.
We use the 4DX system and scoreboards daily with our members. We have found them a way to drive higher productivity and profitability.