Investor Program

Investor Program

Our Investor Program is one of our niche marketing packages.  It builds on your value add proposition and VIP benefit package.  We advocate implementing the Private Client Group (PCG) system first.  The Business to Business (B2B) second.  Follow those with expanding your marketing into niche groups.


Philosophy and Methodology

Our niche marketing packages and programs are strategic. They build loyalty by providing Wealth Management type of VIP service.  The attached downloads are PDF’s to give you the tone and messaging. We don’t advocate using plug and play marketing. In luxury real estate, your personal branding is an essential key component.  We walk through a brand assessment with each of our clients. It is essential to strategically position yourself within your specific marketplace.
Use the Investor Program PDF as a launch point.  Remember to always place it within your branding.  The magic is in your implementation and execution.  Make sure you are using your branding and photography. Keep in mind any other regulatory requirements.
This campaign is designed for direct mail.  Yet, it has also proven just as effective in social and other media outlets.  We advocate you target those owners who have between 3-10 properties.  Typically, over that they are dealing with a professional management company.  You find those who aren’t seasoned investors on the low side of the scale.  Your preferred title company can help you with that search.

As always, feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.


Investor Program PDF Download