New Agent Interview

New Agent Interview
Our New Agent Interview is best to use with new agents.  For seasoned agents, we recommend a more business planning process.  We advocate understanding your recruiting pool first. Then target agents building on your Unique Value Propositions (UVP’s). Always keeping in mind using building and selecting vs recruiting and retaining.  We are believers in building systems around your own personal compass as a leader.
This interview is more casual in nature. Less of a pitch and more of a conversation.  We have hired thousands of agents over the years. Value add conversations are far more effective than a canned presentation. 

New Agent Interview Philosophy

The attached New Agent Interview Scratch Pad download is a PDF. Use it to give you a feel and flavor of the tone and messaging that has been working for our clients for years. The interview should be more casual in nature, less of a pitch and more of a conversation. 
The key is to make it an open meeting with free flow conversation.  You want the other person to feel like it was the best professional hour they have spent with anyone in a long while.
As with all our recruiting strategies, the goal is conversation, not a slimy pitch.  Your best future associates are professionals. Those who understand a value based relationship. Relationships based in giving well before asking to receive.   Learn to always look for ways to provide value.  Let it be your obsession and your team’s population won’t be an issue.
As always, feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Download the New Agent Interview PDF Here