Agent Daily Business Summary

Agent Daily Business Summary
The Agent Daily Business Summary is a tool we use with ur brokers to help their agents focus on what is most important.  In our Sales Agent Master Class we break down the pillars of running a successful business.  We then offer a snapshot overview in the Daily Business Summary.

Business Development

Lead generation is the fastest way to influence change in your organization.  It is also the first and foremost focus on our sheet.  You define your priority, which is usually an annual or quarterly goal.  Then you update and track your progress towards that.  It is amazing how much just being aware of where you will affect your drive to change it.  Visualization is key.  The last part is what your goal is today to help you make progress toward your priority.

Pipeline Management

Follow up is our second priority as sales professionals.  Every real estate model is built on transactions.  The more you have the better.  Transactions and volume gives you profit.  Define your priority, progress and today goals.


In the Daily Business Summary, the conversion is all about your presentation skills.  You have to practice harder than you play.  It comes down to your ability to close and get the agreement signed at the table.  Your presentation should be all about your client. Focus on your ability to help them accomplish their objectives in the best way possible.


Your servicing is your operational hub.  Think systems and the people that run them.  Is everything running smoothly?  Are their pain points?  How can you run things most efficiently and effectively?  Make sure to take care of your admin staff, they are often overlooked and under appreciated.

Personal Development

The last part of the Daily Business Summary is personal development.  Personal growth should be a daily quest.  The success of your business will be a reflection of your skills.  Always be learning, and let your clients see it.

You can download the Agent Daily Business Summary PPT Version Here

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