Sales Manager Profile

Sales Manager Profile
We conducted a study to find the best sales manager profile. This is the result from our study of the industries best sales manager.  The subjects had over 100 agents and consistent multi-year growth. Each of their offices had seven figure annual EBITA brokerage profit.
The first, they are really good at building agents. It really doesn’t matter if it is new agents or seasoned agents. They can take an agent at any level and provide real value. The best sales managers individualize their training and coaching. They have consistent results. Agents tend to stay with both a stick and a carrot. The agents in their office know if they stay they will continue to grow. If they leave, they will be replaced.
The second, they are really good at controlling their population. Agent population is a function of both recruiting and retention. The best sales managers attract great talent with their reputation. They also take care of their people and drive loyalty. Each one of our subject had single digit attrition.
The third, they remember their core job is to get the team to sell houses. They take ownership of their marketplace. They take marketshare personally. The best sales managers look at their footprint as their geography. The associates in their offices are an extension of them. They strategically direct each person to capture marketshare. Each agent is expected to contribute to the success of the overall office.
Sales Manager Profile

How to use the Profile

Personality profiling is only one piece of the overall picture. But is an important consideration in who to hire.   As a general rule, assessment results offer you a guide. The help in what follow up questions you ask and what expectations are realistic for the person.  At the end of the day, we weight them about 25% in the hiring process.  
The recruiter profile benchmark is the average of those surveyed.  If there was a spread in the average, it is reflected with multiple dots on the associated scale.