Seasoned Agent Recruiter Profile

Seasoned Agent Recruiter Profile
We conducted a study to find the best seasoned agent recruiter profile benchmark. We looked at the industries best seasoned agent recruiters.  The subjects were consistently bringing in 5-20 seasoned agents a month.  They ranged across geographic areas, brands and models.
This study specifically excluded brokers/owners and sales managers. It focused only on the who had full time recruiting job responsibilities.  
The first is that of the piranha. They chase. They are relentless. To these people there is no such thing as too much follow up. They do this with style, ease and a grace that makes it a pleasure to the prospect.
The second is that of a shark. They can close. They are good at seizing on the right opportunity to get the agent to make the switch. Again, the best do this while bringing complete joy to the prospect.

How to use the Seasoned Agent Recruiter Profile

Personality profiling is only one piece of the overall picture. But is an important consideration in who to hire.   As a general rule, assessment results offer you a guide. The help in what follow up questions you ask and what expectations are realistic for the person.  At the end of the day, we weight them about 25% in the hiring process.  
The recruiter profile benchmark is the average of those surveyed.  If there was a spread in the average, it is reflected with multiple dots on the associated scale.