UVP Worksheet

UVP Worksheet

Our UVP Worksheet is designed to help you identify your Unique Value Propositions (UVP’s).  Your business has a specific culture, brand promise and set of UVP’s.  This is true whether you have ever defined them or not.  This exercise was developed to allow you and your team to collaborate.  Brainstorm a bit using the Storyboard method.  Take a look at all your tools, your tech stack, your positioning, your experience, your ethos, your systems.  They all may be things you use or take advantage every day.  Through this exercise we are going to define them, brand them and package them to be more salable and enticing to your clients and team members.

UVP Worksheet Screenshot

UVP Worksheet Step One –

Think through what you have in your tool box.  Or maybe it’s a distinctive way you go about doing what you do.  Some systems you have developed over the years. First we want to lit as many things as we can and categorize them in the following areas:

  • Lead generation and business development
  • Lead follow up and pipeline management
  • Presentations and lead conversion
  • Servicing clients
  • Transaction management
  • Personal development
  • Other

We are going to list those things on the left side of the UVP worksheet.


UVP Worksheet Step Two –

Go through each one of the things you have listed and describe the benefits it brings to your clients or yourself.  People buy the benefits, not the tool.  For example, people don’t buy a drill because they want a drill.  They buy a drill because they need a hole.

Here’s an example using your unique “Selling System”.   You get your clients more than the competition and do it in less time than the average time on market.


UVP Worksheet Step Three –

Come up with a name for your UVP’s.  In the example above, your “selling system” could be your “Elite Sales System” or your unique “Buyer Delivery System”.  The name should flow with your brand and reinforce your brand promise.

UVP Worksheet Step Four –

Define the value of your UVP’s from perspective of the benefits.  Take a look at your statistics against the market.  If the average time on the market is 100 days and yours is 30 days, it is 70% faster than the market.  That is a tangible benefit to the client.  Let’s also say because you stage the homes and do great job marketing them, you get 8.45% more per square foot than the market.   That is another very tangible benefit that sets you apart for your competition.  It also allows you to defend your fees while getting the seller more on a net basis.


UVP Worksheet Step Five  –

Bring it all together into a marketing friendly phrase.  What is that?  A sexy way of telling the truth.   Here is an example.  We also use our proprietary and integrated “Elite Selling System” which helps our sellers net 8.45% more than our competition in 70% less time than our competitors.


Download the UVP Worksheet PDF