Brand Awareness and Recruiting Plan

Brand Awareness and Recruiting Plan

Your recruiting plan is going to be layered to maximize it’s effectiveness.  These message themes should be launched once per month on a rotating basis via email and social channels.  End prospect should be getting something every week.  All should be well branded together.

Brand Awareness and Recruiting Plan InfoGraphic screenshotCore Values

People attract people who share the same core values .  This speaks to “why” people do what they do. Four to six pieces.  Need help identifying them?


Lead with the unique benefits of your tech stack and tools.  Speak to how they will make the prospect more money or save them time.  Six to twelve pieces.  If you are part of a franchise or brand, you should be able to download and modify these easily.


Highlight your team and let them tell others why they love your organization.  Six to twelve pieces.  Make sure you use advertising style lifestyle photos vs headshots to amplify the effectiveness. 


Invitation to current office event which allows for the prospect to test drive the office.  These should be timely, welcome and valuable.

As an alternative, your recruiting plan can substitute out the testimonials or the invitations with six pieces highlighting you.  You can use your archetype profile to guide you on what strengths to best position.

Brand Awareness and Recruiting Plan InfoGraphic


If you are interested in discussing your individual situation, please feel free to reach out.