Business Plan Weekly Overview

Business Plan Weekly Overview

Our Business Plan Weekly Overview is one of our tools we use with agents in our Private Client coaching program.  We believe in measuring progress and stepping back from time to time and evaluating how to improve.  The Business Plan Weekly Overview is an 11×17 PDF file which gives you visual reminder of what you need to do this week to stay on track.


Philosophy and Methodology

We are really intentional in our own lives and encourage our clients to live in the same.  With that said, our tools and core systems are designed the way they are on purpose and through years of trial and error.  Everything we do has a reason behind it.

This tool is designed to keep you on track and focus on what’s going to move the needle in your business.

We are happy to walk you through it if you have any questions.  Feel free to contact us anytime.

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Step One

If you haven’t already, download the zip file.

Download the RELL Business Plan Weekly Overview

Step Two

Write down your Core Values, Inherent Strengths, Archetype and Wildly Important Goal (WIG) at the top left.

Step Three

Take a look at the sample sheet to get a feel of how to fill out the overview in a meaningful way.

Step Four

Fill out the boxes for each of the different areas of your business plan.

Step Five

Print out the sheet and post it by your desk so you can see it.