Marketing and Advertising Budget

Marketing and Advertising Budget

Our marketing and advertising budget excel tool makes it easy to get a clear picture of how much you can afford to spend.  We track ROI on every investment in our business.  We are especially particular when it comes to investments in marketing, advertising and PR.  This excel marketing and advertising budget sheet is a free download where you can get an overview of your budgets for each category by month.  The file can be modified to suit your needs, but works out of the box.

Real Estate Luxury Leaders - Excel Marketing and Advertising Budget

Our Recommended Categories

First we recommend you claim your name.  Both the business, team and yours personally.  This can be more difficult and expensive if you have a common name or aren’t already in the top 10 results in a Google Search.  Your ad budget can be minimal for this, but if someone is trying to find you, you want them to be able to.  Make sure you claim all your free Google juice y listing your business, and filling out all the profiles available to you in social media as well as portals.

Next, find some keywords you want to be associated with.  There is part art and part science to this.  Find keywords that are associated with your brand, service area and key prospective clients.

Public Relations is great for brand awareness and at a certain point, you should start incorporating it into your budget.  PR companies struggle with hyper local, so keep that in mind.  Remember, celebrity does not automatically equate to sales.  Just make sure you keep your focus on things you can deposit into your bank account versus your ego.

Download the Excel Marketing and Advertising Budget File


Content marketing is still king and requires you to roll your sleeves up.  If you are short on time, you can be directive, and hire a VA to do some ghost writing for you.  Just keep responsibility for conversations on your to-do list.

Social Media has opened up an amazing array of ways to do hyper targeted advertising and marketing.  Just make sure your content is valuable, purposeful and shareable to the audience you are marketing to.

Mail campaigns are usually best done on an EDDM carrier route  basis.  It’s cheap, effective and can get oversized, quality pieces into people’s hands if you are focusing on a certain geography.

We have also included other Online channels, general Web and CRM costs for your convenience.

Need help?  Give us a shout and we are happy to walk you through your unique needs and situation.