Mentor Agreement Template

Mentor Agreement Template

This Mentor Agreement Template is offered to give you suggestions for how to structure your mentor relationship with the company.  It is offered as an example and we recommend you consult with your attorney before using any legal agreements.


Mentor Agreement Template

Mentor – Duties and Responsibilities

Associate Licensee will provide consulting services to YOUR COMPANY. The parties to this Agreement presently contemplate that in the performance of Consultant’s services, Consultant’s initial duties, without limitation, shall be to consult on the following and additional duties as may be assigned by Management.

1 Work with Branch Manager in developing a strategic business plan with tactics and budgets in order to meet target performance of the New Agent Group.

2 Ensure the branch represents the principal based, value and performance driven partnership culture of the company.

3 Create and maintain an environment which results in recruiting and retention of high performing agents.

4 Coach, motivate and inspire new agents including the utilization of the available company tools and resources to achieve higher levels of growth and productivity.

5 Work with Manager to foresee market/industry trends and implement targeted strategies to increase market share.

6 Work with Manager to proactively minimize and resolve conflict to ensure that offices operate optimally.

7 To direct, administer and coordinate the sales activities of an assigned New Agent Group in the Office in accordance with the policies, goals and objectives established by the company.

8  To build a highly productive and motivated sales team.

9  Following the directives of the Manager, to define, develop, direct, and

implement the office’s sales strategy with focus on revenues, accountability, company dollar, profitability, sales associate recruiting, training, recognition, productivity and superior customer satisfaction.

10 To recruit, hire, train and motivate sales associates and, and to terminate them (if necessary) with the concurrence of the manager.

11  To target new licensees and agents in the business less than one year.

12  To have minimum production standards for the New Agent Group, as well as desk,

cubical and office assignments in accordance manager.

13 To have a have strong “performance culture” built around productivity and office utilization.

14 To provide an effective communication link between sales associates and management. It is understood that the manager will conduct periodic audits of Mentor’s effectiveness through interviews with New Agent Group.

15 To provide “troubleshooting” services whenever needed and to be an active participant in problem solving and conflict resolution.

16  To attend company sales meetings.

17  To conduct weekly training, coaching and prospecting activities with the New Agent

Group to increase office attendance and increase agent per person productivity.

18 To integrate company tools, systems, support and leadership to build a strong company culture as well as a strong culture.

19  To provide any other strategic sales support, as needed.

20  To maintain high level of company partner and affiliate market share, increasing company partner and affiliate market share as appropriate.

21 To monitor and ensure compliance by sales associates with Company’s risk management and loss prevention program(s) and with all state and local rules and regulations.

22 To promote and develop business for the office by virtue improving overall business each member of the New Agent Group.

23  To establish and implement procedures, systems and organization.

24  To implement retention and culture building systems with the New Agent Group.

25  To have a strong working relationship with the management in the surrounding offices.

26  To read, be totally familiar with, and be governed by the state real estate laws, the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors, the bylaws and any rules and regulations of any and all local real estate boards or associations, the existing and future policies, rules, and regulations of the Company.

27 To immediately notify the Company of any change in the status of the Mentor’s real estate license, or of any charge or proceeding relating to Mentor’s compliance with the statutes, regulations, or codes of ethics referenced in this Agreement.

28 To understand that agents assigned to the New Agent Group are only in the Group for a period of one year or after the closing of three transactions, whichever occurs first, and that therefore time is of essence in the development of each agent in the Group.

29 Mentor compensation is outlined in Addendum A.

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If you have any questions about implementing a Mentor program in your office or the Mentor Agreement Template, please contact us.