Mortgage Representative Job Description

Mortgage Representative Job Description

Here is a mortgage representative job description.  The Mortgage Representative is a key strategic relationship for your real estate team.  We often get asked in coaching sessions or at speaking events what reasonable expectations should be of these people and how to best structure the relationship.  The answer to the second part of that question is entirely dependent on the size of your team and the volume you are generating annually.  The answer for the first part is applicable out of the box.

We have put together a sample job description to get both parties on the same page with expectations. The common focus by both sides is on providing extraordinary client care.


Mortgage Representative Support to Buyer

  • Cross endorse team/agent
  • Weekly call to buyer on status of loan
  • Closing letter of appreciation (samples available) and documents to include: Note/Deed, Insurance Info, Appraisal, HUD 1, Amortization Schedule
  • Personally attend signing of loan documents
  • Closing follow-up
  • Annual re-finance analysis to buyers on anniversary (copy team/agent)


Mortgage Representative Support to Seller

  • Send letter to prospective seller during the pre-listing period with endorsement of team/agent
  • Send a letter of “Congratulations” on selecting team/agent after listing is signed
  • Weekly update call to all parties on status of loan
  • Closing letter to seller


Expectations to Support Team

  • Pre-approval of all buyers
  • Weekly correspondence to team updating of loan status for clients and educate agent/team on news affecting the mortgage world
  • Daily rate update correspondence
  • Call listing showing agents to solicit feedback of showing and pre-qualify buyers
  • Client appreciation party assistance and sponsorship
  • Assist and participate in team Buyer and Seller Seminars
  • Assist and participate in conduct team Investor Seminars
  • Cross market and endorse team/agent as opportunities arise
  • Contribute business building ideas to the team
  • Supply listing specific financial worksheets for Open Houses
  • Work with agent/team on mutually beneficial  lead generation
  • Annual re-finance analysis to those in the team/agent’s Private Client Group (copy team/agent)


Team Commitment of Support to Mortgage Representative

  • Include clause in MLS for all team/agent listings, “Buyer to be pre-qualified through XXX at XXX Lender. After pre-approval, the buyer is free to use any lender of their choice.”
  • Include in all counter offers, “Buyer to be pre-qualified through XXX at XXX Lender. After pre-approval, the buyer is free to use any lender of their choice.”
  • Include  Representative in “Team” section of listing presentation and request all buyers to be pre-approved by team Mortgage Representative.
  • Link Lender on team/agent Website
  • Refer all prospective buyers and refinances to team Representative.
  • Cross market and endorse team Representative as opportunities arise.


Need something more than this mortgage representative job description?  Give us a shout today.