Team Assistant Job Description

Team Assistant Job Description

The Team Assistant is one of the most important key staffing decisions for a real estate team.  We often get asked in coaching sessions or at speaking events what reasonable expectations should be of these people and how to best structure the relationship. The Team Assistant role and cost will grow as the team grows.

For most agents running less than 4 transactions a month, a part time admin assistant will do for about 20% over minimum wage.  For larger teams, this role becomes far more like a six figure demanding executive assistant.  At each stage, the responsibilities and compensation will change.  The one constant is that this is a pure admin position which is going to be a W-2 hourly or salary employee.  Don’t get caught in getting creative with these people’s structure.  It will backfire on you every single time.  The right person for this job wants stability more than anything else in their comp package.  Here is an overview of responsibilities to get you started.


Team Assistant Position Responsibilities:

Responsibilities to Clients & Team

  • Create and send mailings as necessary
  • Update on-line ads, social media posts and track analytics
  • Follow-up with weekly feedback from agent showings
  • Assembly of client gifts
  • Research and assemble future listing files
  • Team website updates
  • Assemble and deliver pre-listing packages
  • Weekly check-in calls to clients for listing needs
  • Coordinate with preferred marketing vendor for marketing materials
  • Attend weekly team meeting
  • Team errands


Experience Required

  • Real estate assistant experience
  • Computer skills
  • Website updating
  • Phone skills
  • Customer service
  • Organized
  • Professional
  • Self-starter
  • Good in a fast paced environment
  • Handles stress well
  • Good with multitasking