Relationship Manager Job Description

Relationship Manager Job Description

The Relationship Manager is a key staffing decision for your real estate team.  We often get asked in coaching sessions or at speaking events what reasonable expectations should be of these people and how to best structure the relationship. The Relationship Manager’s position is responsible to foster the team’s Book of Business, to qualify contacts and convert qualified leads. Additional responsibilities include qualifying and supporting future sellers, and maintaining the database and its needs.


Relationship Manager Position Responsibilities:

Qualify and Follow-up Future Buyer & Seller Contacts from Lead Sources
  • Open House
  • Website Submission
  • Incoming or Outgoing Telephone Call
  • E-Mail
  • Direct Mail
  • Referral
  • Personal Interaction
  • Database (team and personal)

Stage 1 – Buyer Lead Qualification with Pre-Qualification Buyer Worksheet

  • Financially
  • Timing – when would buyer like to be in their new home?
  • Motivation for Buying
  • Home wants/needs/likes/dislikes
  • Educate buyers on the process


Stage 2 – Financial Pre-qualification

  • Lender pre-qualifies buyer
  • Follow-up Systems established
  • Schedule Buyer Consultation
  • Long Term Buyer Lead Continuous Support/Qualification
  • Refer out



Stage 1 – Seller Lead Qualification with Pre-Qualification Seller Worksheet

  • Property Data/Amenities
  • Motivation For Selling
  • Financial Information
  • Timing
  • Educate Sellers on the process


Stage 2 – Appointment Setting/Pre-Listing

  • Set Listing Appointment
  • Deliver Pre-Listing Packet to Seller


Future Sellers (1-5 Years)


  • Qualifying/Supporting Future Sellers with Future Listing Campaign
  • Introduction Letter/Email to Client “We Will Take Care Of You”
  • Set up Database Listing Files with
  • Order Property Profile (include tax data)
  • Run a check in the MLS to pull past activity on property
  • Pull all floor plans for the tract
  • Check to see if sellers own any other property
  • Enter Client Into MLS for Market Watch
  • Add/confirm sellers contact information to database
  • Set-up for Monthly Mailing
  • Schedule Monthly Follow-up Call


Database Management


  • Support the Needs and Ensure Accuracy of the Database
  • Monthly Mailing Database Follow-up
  • Annual Client Update Forms
  • Referral Client Bonus Program (VIP Program)
  • Client Party/Events Support


Team Responsibilities


  • Weekly reports for leads, future sellers and database
  • Client Party Assistance
  • Assist Buyer and Seller Seminars
  • Assist Investor Seminars
  • Cross market and endorse Lynch & Associates at every opportunity
  • Contribute business building ideas to the team
  • Database contribution




Computer Literate
  • Internet
  • Email
  • Word
  • Database Program
  • Organized
Good with People
  • Telemarketing/Phone Skills
  • Presents well
  • Has a high “I” on DISC


Other Important Characteristics
  • Reliable
  • Great with Follow-up
  • Consistent
  • Access to Computer/Cell Phone

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