Agent Pipeline Dashboard

Agent Pipeline Dashboard

Our Agent Pipeline Dashboard was designed to keep agents on track.  In a business which is often run by the tyranny of the urgent, the important can fall through the cracks.  The Agent Pipeline Dashboard is vital visual tool to keep your active clients top of mind.  Most agents loose clients to competitors in the communication and follow up phase. This tool serves as a visual reminder of the most important clients to keep in contact with in the upcoming week.  We recommend updating it weekly, printing it and posting it where you can see it.


Philosophy and Methodology

We are really intentional in our own lives and encourage our clients to live in the same.  With that said, our tools and core systems are designed the way they are on purpose and through years of trial and error.  Everything we do has a reason behind it.

This tool is designed to keep you on track to not only hit your goals, but to also level out cashflow throughout the year.  It is designed to look at your next rolling 12 months.  We have found if you want to do 20 transactions (or 10 million in volume) over the next 12 months, you need to have 20 A and B Clients in your pipeline at any given time.  Half of those need to be under contract.  If either of those are off, you will be off target.  This allows for natural fall out due to a portion of your clients who will have changes in life circumstances.

You will see in the progress bar, the +/- number will change and vary in color.  Red means you are behind and the negative number will tell you by how much.  The blue means you are ahead of schedule.

Agent Pipeline Graphic


Step One

The grey boxes are the ones you fill in.  The rest of them auto-calculate based on the formulas we have built in to the Agent Pipeline Dashboard.

Step Two

The first grey box is on the top box on the right.  It is your goal for how many transactions you want to do in the next 12 months.  The purpose of this sheet is to keep you on a rolling 12 month focus vs year to date.  This allows you to adjust mid year and we have found the rolling 12 to be far more effective in keeping agents focused on building a more consistent cash flow throughout the year.

Step Three

The next grey box is your goal for the next 12 months in volume.  Units are important to track productivity, but as agents, volume is what you get paid on.

Step Four

The next grey box in the top of the dashboard is on the left and asks for your Private Clients in your (PCG).  If you don’t know what this is, we have an overview you should check out.  The PCG is one of our core systems of how we provide extraordinary wealth management type service to our clients.  We are firm believers in having clients, not customers.   This takes developing a business mindset which delivers consistent value and building relationships that transcend the transaction.

Step Five

Under the client you can use the name or the address.  Since some clients are both selling one place and buying another, you want to put them down twice and mark them with a “B” or an “L.”  We advocate using names, since it is important to remember we are in a people first business, but use whatever works for you.

Fill in your best guess of the sales price range in the Estimated Volume column.

One of the most important parts of this sheet is the Target Date.   If a client doesn’t have a target date (or you don’t know what it is), they belong in your database, not in your pipeline sheet.  This sheet is reserved for your active A’s (Clients who have a target date of less than 60 days) and B’s (Clients who have a target date from two to six months).   This date keeps you from fooling yourself with being busy vs being productive.

Fill in where your client came from in the Source column.

Put a “Y” in the UC (Under Contract) column if you have a signed agreement with the client for the associated transaction.

Step Seven

Download the zip file and start using the Agent Pipeline Dashboard in your business.

RELL Pipeline Dashboard Excel File

Important Reminder

As always, we are here to help.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.


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