The Luxury Agent Royal Archetype is is full of grace, poise and charisma. They are often the recognized expert in their market.  They are the ones who set the bar against which others are measured.  They set the tone when they are in the room.  They are the rulers and ambassadors for the industry.  They love what they do and the people who they get to do it with.


Some Quick Background

Our team developed our Luxury Agent Archetypes through years of research.   We’ve analyzed the best luxury agents and teams in the country.  Admittedly, there are nuances for each person. However,  we have found eight successful archetypes which are based on elements of a combination of personality, work style, how you think about information and world view.  We then developed a unique playbook for today’s market to best position you in todays marketplace.

Our team sincerely hopes this resource will give you a great launch point on having your best year ever.  We’d love to see you and your team excel and have the business and life you dream of!


  • Extrovert Personality Style
  • External Personal Focus
  • Passive Prospecting Style

Best Social Channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Examples of Royals:

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