Advisors, Consultants and Coaches to the Elite in the Business of Luxury.

Brokerage Growth Advisors

At RE Luxe Leaders, we work in a collaborative environment with our team of experts.  All in a quest to offer our Bespoke Partners the best solutions for their organization.  From recruiting, retention, production and profitability the solutions will be there when you need them.

Elite Team and Agent Builders

We offer coaching and consulting solutions, tailored to your needs and budget. We have organically built teams from 2-200 while driving profit and strategic growth.  Our real estate team coaches can help you through growth acceleration, transitions, turn arounds, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions.

Elite Luxury Consultants

Real Estate Luxury Leaders works with the elite in the world of luxury real estate.  We have consulted on Prop Tech, Fin Tech and an array of real estate affiliate projects and start ups. We’ve even got you covered if you are looking for luxury real estate speakers, moderators or hosts for your event .

At Real Estate Luxury Leaders, we understand that true luxury goes beyond success – it’s about reaching a level of significance that’s truly extraordinary.
Advisors to the Elite in the Business of Luxury Real Estate

A little about what makes RE Luxe Leaders unlike anyone else. We love what we do and it shows. We are driven by passion, possibilities, and problem-solving. Our team takes a designed and intentional approach to every aspect of building leading real estate organizations. We do it all, without exaggeration. We thrive on organizing chaos and operate in an international echelon that knows no borders.

For the Elite, Only the Best Will Do.

RE Luxe Leaders is a premier advisory, consulting, and coaching firm dedicated to the elite in the business of luxury real estate. Our mission is to provide unparalleled guidance, strategic insight, and personalized solutions to our clientele, facilitating their journey beyond the realms of conventional success to discover true luxury and significance in their professional endeavors.

What sets RE Luxe Leaders apart is our comprehensive, collaborative approach to luxury real estate. We understand that each client has unique needs and goals, and we’re committed to providing customized solutions that align with those objectives. We pride ourselves on our robust portfolio of services, which includes Brokerage Growth Advisory, Elite Team Building, and Luxury Consulting and Private Client Coaching.

Our Brokerage Growth Advisors work tirelessly to offer our clients the best solutions for their organizations. We’re not just consultants—we’re collaborative partners who are invested in your success. We strive to provide solutions for all aspects of your organization, including recruiting, retention, production, and profitability. We believe in the power of teamwork and are confident that the best solutions emerge when we pool our resources and work together towards a common goal.

As Elite Team Builders and Private Client Coaches, we offer coaching and consulting solutions tailored to your needs and budget. We understand that the journey to success is never a solitary one, and we’re dedicated to helping you build a team that can drive your business towards strategic growth. Whether you’re managing growth initiatives, transitions, turnarounds, startups, or mergers and acquisitions, our team of expert coaches is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our Luxury Consultants are at the forefront of the luxury real estate industry. We’ve consulted on PropTech, FinTech, and a multitude of real estate affiliate projects and startups, providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions to complex problems. 

RE Luxe Leaders is not just about helping businesses grow—it’s about helping businesses evolve and transform. We work closely with our members and clients to ensure their business models are profitable and predictable. We believe that true success in luxury real estate means being able to take time off without worrying about your business. To us, a thriving business is one that can function efficiently even in your absence.

We’re proud to have a long history of successful clients and a track record of changing lives for over 27 years. We have a plethora of successful case studies that demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver results. From transforming luxury real estate brokerages through innovative management training programs to revolutionizing real estate growth with mergers and acquisitions, to brand refreshes, our case studies offer a glimpse into the caliber of services we provide.

At RE Luxe Leaders, we’re driven by passion, possibilities, and problem-solving. We take a designed and intentional approach to every aspect of building leading real estate organizations. We thrive on organizing chaos and operate in an international echelon that knows no borders. For the elite in the business of luxury real estate, only the best will do—and at RE Luxe Leaders, we’re committed to delivering nothing less.

Real Estate Luxury Leaders Sample Case Study –

Luxury Real Estate Brokerage Consulting

Multi-Office Regional Brokerage –
Client Objectives:

1. Develop and implement a strategic business and financial plan that will produce a predetermined EBITA profit while requiring less than 30 hours a week from the principle. Accomplished – 28 hours/wk average

2. Expand the organization’s population, market reach and market share. Accomplished – Recruiting up 22%, 200% increase in Market Area, 4% increase in Market Share

3. Increase average Per-Person-Performance (PPP). Accomplished – 48% increase

4. Identify areas in operation, staff and budget to cut spending. Accomplished – $1.4 million in annual savings

5. Identify MSA’s and affiliate agreements to boost profitability. Accomplished – $800k in annual revenue from new relationships.

Luxury workspace
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