Aman Costa Rica – Hotel and Residential Development

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Aman Costa Rica - Hotel and Residential Development

Immersed in Nature, Where Time Stands Still


  • In the heart of 775 acres of untouched shoreline, lush rainforest, and dramatic ridges
  • Designed by Tom Kundig, Design Principal of Seattle-based Olson Kundig
  • World-class privacy and service for which Aman is renowned
  • Located in the North-Pacific coast of the Guanacaste region
  • Resides in one of the world’s five “Blue Zones”

Aman Costa Rica - THE RESORT

Flanked by soft golden beaches, Punta Sabana or ‘Savannah Point’ stretches out into the Pacific from the mainland – a picturesque finger of rock, sand and tropical forest reaching into the blue immensity of the sea. Here, Aman sits at the heart of over 775 acres of untouched shoreline, verdant jungle and dramatic ridges, offering endless views west to the ocean horizon, and across the Guanacaste ranchlands to the east.  

Aman Costa Rica - PURA VIDA

For Costa Ricans, the phrase ‘Pura Vida’ is both a means of greeting and the expression of a way of life. Translating as ‘pure life’, but meaning much more, it conveys easygoing optimism, the finding of satisfaction in simplicity, the wellbeing of the body and the warmth of the heart. ‘Pura Vida’ is an integral element of the architecture, atmosphere and experience of the resort.  

Aman Costa Rica - GUANACASTE

The province of Guanacaste, on Costa Rica’s northwestern coast, is unique in both its climate and its culture. Drier and warmer than the country’s other provinces, it rewards travelers with cloudless skies and a coastline dotted with secret bays and unspoiled beaches. Inland, its dry tropical forests and grasslands are home to the cattle ranches that have sustained Guanacaste’s economy and culture for centuries.  

Aman Costa Rica - BLUE ZONES

The resort resides in one of the planet’s five ‘Blue Zones’. Here, life thrives in all its forms. Celebrated as the most peaceful nation in Latin America, Costa Ricans in this region live the longest, healthiest and happiest lives of all the world’s populations.   COSTA RICA Astonishingly biodiverse and blessed with some of the most magnificent natural landscapes in the world, Costa Rica represents nature unbounded. The isthmus country runs on almost 100 percent renewable electricity. Its national parks, cloud forests, rugged green mountains and pristine, secluded beaches are home to one of the world’s most diverse collections of flora and fauna, nurtured by a national commitment to sustainability and ecological balance. From its Caribbean coast to the shores of the Pacific, Costa Rica is pure tropical paradise, preserved.   AMAN From the shores of untrodden islands, to the hearts of the greatest cities, Aman destinations are designed to channel the spirit of the place. Highlighting and harmonizing with its natural surroundings, an Aman destination is a sanctuary in the truest sense – a place both in the world and apart from it; where travelers find peace; where nature and history are preserved; and where the sublime is celebrated.   Would you like to explore how we can add some of our magic to your organization or project?  Contact us today for a complementary consultation.