The Luxury Archetype Assessment


Our team developed our Luxury Archetype Assessment through years of research and analyzing the best luxury agents and teams in the country. Although there are nuances for each person, we have found eight successful archetypes which are based on elements of a combination of personality, work style, how you think about information and world view.

Our team sincerely hopes this assessment, profile and playbook will give you a great launch point on how to best position yourself in your market.

Feel free to reach out. We’d love to see you and your team excel and have the business and life you dream of.


The Luxury Archetypes

The Hustler –

These people are always grinding.  They never turn off.  For them, hustling is a lifestyle and it is  24×7.   They are notorious for always answering their phone.  The Hustlers are salespeople first and foremost.  They are smartly dressed and like the spotlight, because they know they have earned it.

The Oracle –

These are the those with the greatest depth of knowledge.  They are stat driven.  The Oracles know the market and inventory better than anyone else. They prefer to be behind the scenes, where they can remain focused  on the houses and the inventory.  They are predictable and often have a photographic memory which is used to always be ahead of their competition.

The Royal –

Full of grace, poise and charisma, these are the recognized expert in their market.  They are the ones who set the bar against which others are measured.  The Royals set the tone when they are in the room.  They are the rulers and ambassadors for the industry.  They love what they do and love the people who they get to do it with.

The Executive –

These are the persistent workaholics.  They are organized, focused, and driven.  The Executives would rather have results than credit. They are always learning and keeping on top of what is going on the industry.  They know all the rules, and they how and when to break them.

The General –

These are the scrappy commanders who listen to the rules only if they agree they should apply to them.  They are unconventional.  The Generals challenge the status quo and inherently know they can bring a new way of thinking to better serve their clients.  They are quick, nimble and agile.  More often than not, they end up winning for no other reason than no one ever told them that they couldn’t.

The Celebrity –

These people love the spotlight and feel at complete ease being in it.  They are photogenic, charismatic and know how to work what they’ve got. The traditional rules don’t apply to them.  They not only march to their own drummer, but they write the music that is played.  Hard work is only surpassed by even harder play, but both are intertwined for this person in one magnificent package.

The Architect –

The architect is a lover of the homes and the people that live in them.  They are part artist and part mathematician who bring beauty and function together. They are typically known for their beautiful marketing, staging and a knack for selling the properties that others can’t.

The Titan –

These are the systems people.  They are organized.  Titan types are successful.  They are smart, business minded and happiest with several diversified streams of income.  Almost always, they are perfectionists, demanding the very best of themselves, their staff and their vendors.  They are efficiency and effectiveness experts and hate wasting time, money or energy on anything that doesn’t contribute to their vision.

Ready to take the Luxury Archetype Assessment?


Luxury Archetype Assessment



Instructions for the Luxury Agent Archetype Assessment



Each question has radio buttons to answer YES or NO. Try to decide whether YES or NO represents your usual way of acting or feeling. Work quickly, and don’t spend too much time over any question, we want your first reaction, not a long drawn-out thought process. The whole questionnaire shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Be sure not to omit any questions.  Work quickly and remember to answer every question. There are no right or wrong answers, and this isn’t a test of intelligence or ability.


Ready to go?

Do you get more value looking at houses personally than look at them online?

Do you look forward to going out for some fun after a long week?

If you had to meet five new people today, would you rather meet them in a setting where people come to you over the course of four hours more than where you go to them and get it over with in thirty minutes?

Are you hyper-competitive when playing games with friends?

Do you display your trophies or show your achievements to your clients in your presentations?

Do you find yourself naturally seeing how a home could be staged better?

Are you a list maker?

Have you ever served on a local board or committee in the last 12 months?

Do you enjoy the quiet times when you can be alone with your thoughts?

Do you ever purposely avoid attending events where you are receiving an award?

Do you find yourself pitching your services to strangers?

Do you like to lead from the front, setting the example vs quietly from the back gently pushing others?

Do you have your picture on your business cards, signs or a vehicle?

Do you collect marketing and/or ads from magazines or publications which you think are great?

Do you find yourself getting jealous when others get recognition?

At parties, can someone usually find you on the side of the room having a deeper conversation with someone vs working the room?

Do you enjoy looking at the raw numbers and finding interesting facts and trends?

Would you rather pick up the phone and talk live than have a conversation via email?

Would you rather have five exclusive internet leads vs five fresh phone leads?

Do you have a system and process for almost everything in your business?

Do you have a notebook that you take lots of notes in?

When in group settings, do you usually work the room saying hello to everyone?

Are you the person others come to when they have questions about paperwork, technical or detail oriented issues?

Do you usually eat lunch alone?

Right this moment, do know how much inventory went under contract in your market yesterday, plus or minus 10%?