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“Transformative Experience! This certification was a game-changer for my career. The in-depth modules and expert coaching propelled me into the luxury market with confidence and success. Highly recommend!” Alex M.



In the world of real estate, luxury stands apart—a place where excellence, detail, and unmatched service converge to create extraordinary experiences for clients and unparalleled success for agents. At Real Estate Luxury Leaders we understand the aspirations that drive you. After decades of building Real Estate Luxury Certification programs for some of the largest companies and brands in the industry, we decided to offer it direct to aspiring agents who want to break into this exclusive market.   At Real Estate Luxury Leaders, we have been the advisors to the top Brands, Brokers, Teams and Celebrity Agents in the luxury real estate business.  We meticulously crafted our Real Estate Luxury Certification, a gateway to mastering the luxury real estate market and elevating your business to its highest potential.



“Best Investment for Aspiring Luxury Agents! If you’re serious about making a mark in luxury real estate, this certification is a must. The knowledge and credentials I’ve gained have opened doors I never imagined.” Taylor R.



Our strategies come out of what is really working in the luxury markets all around the world.  We include tactics you can put into practice right away in order to get your first luxury listing or sale in the next 90 days.   But most importantly, we take a wholly different approach to our real estate luxury certification to hack into the very fundamentals you need to build a lucrative and long standing business which will occupy the top 5% in your market.



“Exceeded All Expectations!  The comprehensive content, along with the personalized coaching session, truly exceeded my expectations. I feel fully equipped to tackle the luxury real estate market head-on.” Casey W.




Why Choose Our Certification?

Our certification isn’t just a program; it’s a transformation. Designed with your ambition in mind, it equips you with the knowledge, skills, and prestige needed to navigate the luxury market confidently.   Our real estate luxury certification program is presented by Chris Pollinger, a 25+ year luxury real estate veteran who offers our hands on approach to help you succeed in this space.  At Real Estate Luxury Leaders, we believe in playing the long game and take an emotional vested interest in your success.


“A Step Above the Rest!  This certification set me apart in a crowded market. The seal and certificate have added immense value to my professional profile, attracting high-end clients.” Sam D.




Included in our Real Estate Luxury Certification program:

Real estate luxury certification

  • 12 Certification Modules ($1200 value): Dive into our expertly crafted modules covering every facet of luxury real estate, from market analysis to high-end property marketing strategies.
  • Lifetime Insider Access ($1500 value): Stay ahead of the curve with insider insights, trends, and ongoing support designed to keep you at the forefront of the industry.  This also includes our mastery level trainings to take your business to the next level.
  • Certification Seal ($50 value): Elevate your professional profile with our esteemed seal, a mark of excellence and commitment to luxury real estate.
  • Certificate ($50 Value): Proudly display your accomplishment and expertise with our prestigious certificate, recognized by luxury real estate professionals  and their clients worldwide.
  • Press Release ($150 Value): Announce your distinguished achievement with a professional press release, amplifying your visibility and authority in the luxury market.
  • 1/2 Hour One-on-One Coaching Session ($500 Value): Each luxury business is different.  Jumpstart your success with personal guidance from a seasoned luxury real estate expert, tailored to your unique goals and aspirations.



“Elevated My Business! Thanks to this certification, I’ve not only expanded my network but also closed several high-end deals within months. The insider access is invaluable.” Jordan S.


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