Strategic Brand Audit

Brand Audit, Positioning and Strategic Refresh - Top Team
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Brand Audit, Positioning and Strategic Refresh - Top 25 Real Estate Team

We were engaged by a top 25 real estate team to conduct a brand audit. Real Estate is an ever changing business and the best are always learning and evolving. The rule of thumb in luxury homes is to schedule an update every five years in order to stay relevant. In the world of the business of luxury real estate, the same rule applies. We take a wholistic approach looking at the market the client is in, where they want to be in five years and what trends are working in their favor. We thrive in thinking out of the box. Rethinking their positioning and simplifying the message allowed them to tap previously untouched parts of the market. Employing insider tips from our social media influencer friends and clients, this client was able to cut their marketing budget by 23% and increase ROI by 204%. The strategic brand refresh also attracted new key talent that immediately added to the team's overall volume, marketshare and EBITA. Would you like to explore how we can add some of our magic to your organization or project?  Contact us today for a complementary consultation.