Professional Luxury Real Estate Speakers – Keynotes, Hosts, Emcees, Sessions, Panels, Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)

If you are looking for professional luxury real estate speakers for your events, we can handle it or point you to one of our members who would be a better fit. We work with the best luxury real estate agents, team leaders, brokers and speakers in the industry.  If you book speakers for real estate conferences, we can provide the best luxury real estate speakers.

If we can’t personally host or moderate your event, we will know someone who would be a perfect fit.

Our speakers have been internationally featured as the luxury experts at, Anywhere BrandsWho’s Who In Luxury Real Estate, Inman, Harvard Business School Alumni Association as well as The Real Deal among dozens of others.

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Luxury Real Estate Speakers Information

Luxury Real Estate Speaker Services:

Professional Keynotes: This service includes a 60-minute speaking engagement by a professional speaker, typically at a conference or event.

Professional Hosting or Emcee Services: This service includes hosting or emceeing a full day event by a professional.

Professional Session Speaker: This service includes a 90-minute speaking engagement by a professional speaker, typically at a conference or event.

Professional Panel Moderator or Subject Matter Expert Participant: This service includes moderating a panel or participating as a subject matter expert for a 60-minute session at a conference or event.

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Luxury Real Estate Speakers Investment Includes:

Pre-Event Promotion: This service includes a comprehensive marketing campaign to promote the event to a targeted audience before the event takes place. This can include social media advertising, email marketing, and targeted outreach to potential attendees. The goal is to increase awareness of the event and generate interest among potential attendees.

Complementary Digital Download for Attendees: This service includes providing attendees with a complimentary digital download, such as an e-book or whitepaper, as a way to add value and enhance their event experience. These resources could be related to the event topic or theme, or they could be general industry information.

Follow-up with Attendees with Additional Complementary Resources: This service includes following up with attendees after the event and providing them with additional complementary resources, such as recordings of the event, slides or handouts from the event, or additional industry information. This follow-up is an opportunity to continue the conversation, provide additional value, and build a relationship with attendees.

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Luxury Real Estate Speaker Fees:

Our fee structure varies from speaker to speaker and for event type.  We do not believe in doing a promotional push for our own services when speaking.  Rather, we focus on edifying you and your organization and your partners.  Contact us today and we promise we will work with your organization’s needs, goals and budget to help you put on an unforgettable and value added event.

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Luxury Real Estate Speakers Travel and Expense Policy:

We are more careful with our client’s resources than we are with our own and avoid overspending or unnecessary costs. We may contract with hotels and agencies to get the best possible prices. We’ll also aim for the most reasonable option when we can. For example, we prefer booking plane tickets in economy class, unless there is reason for upgraded travel.

  • Accommodation. Business hotels that are generally 3 to 4 stars, higher grade hotels are only appropriate for events or conferences if the hotel is hosting the event.
  • Air, train, ship or other transportation fares. Coach fare reimbursed for flights under 2.5 hours, business class for trips more than 2.5 hours.
  • Local transportation during trips. Taxi, ride share fairs, metro, public transportation, tolls. Rental cars of intermediate class or smaller.
  • Meals and incidentals. Up to $75.00 per day when traveling for business for meals and incidentals.


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We understand each organization and event is unique.  Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your situation, budget and needs.  We promise to find the very best fit for your special occasion.

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