Exclusive Elite Partner program from RE Luxe Leaders for large teams and single office operations.

Elite Partner Program

A Dedicated Luxury Real Estate Business Consultant for your Business.

Our Elite Partner program offers best practices and building blocks from our most senior real estate business consultants to manage and lead a modern day-brokerage business or large team.

Whether you lead a brokerage or a growing team, you face many challenges other leaders have already experienced and found solutions for. Save time, resources and dollars and learn from those who have proven results.

The Elite Partner program gives you an unparalleled opportunity for networking.  We transcend the traditional barriers of networks, brands and other affiliations.  We connect the elite from all over the globe to share the best insights from today’s leaders in the luxury marketplaces around the world.


Elite Partner RELL Members Benefits:

Initial business and personal evaluation and benchmarking:

The process involves assessing the current state of the business and the goals of the owner. This starts by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Identifying areas for improvement, and setting key performance indicators to measure progress.

Marketing evaluation:

This process involves assessing the effectiveness of the business’s current marketing efforts. and identifying areas for improvement. We include analyzing data on website traffic, social media engagement. Then we take a deep dive into sales to determine the effectiveness of different marketing strategies.

Recruiting Masterclass:

This is training program focused on teaching brokers and managers how to effectively recruit top talent. It starts with how to identify the right job candidates. Then moves to how to create a strong company culture, and how to develop a recruiting strategy. It is a proven A-Z manual on how to recruit 100+ agents a year.

Office Production Masterclass:

This is a training program focused on teaching leaders how to improve the performance of their office or team. It covers topics such as how to increase productivity. How to improve communication, and how to create a positive work environment. It is a proven A-Z manual on how to have an annual million+ dollar EBITA profit each year per office.

Luxury Archetype Assessment and Profile Playbook:

This proprietary assessment identifies the luxury archetype of an each agent. Which gives each unique insight on how to brand and strategically position themselves. It also includes a playbook that outlines the practical steps the agent should take for maximium productivity.

Core Value Assessment and Ideal Client Guide:

We identify the core values of a business and determining the ideal client for the business. Both in regards to agents and consumers. This includes creating an avatar with the characteristics of the ideal client. Plus the steps the business should take to attract and retain them.

Inherent Strengths Assessment and Summary:

We identify the natural strengths of each person in leadership. Then use those strengths strategically in the office, departmental and corporate growth plan.

Co-development of a business, marketing, and tracking plan:

We roll up our sleeves to collaborate a comprehensive strategic plan for growth. This includes developing a marketing plan, creating goals and objectives, and KPI’s. Then tracking progress to ensure that the plan is effective.

Promotion of you and your business at events and across network:

This process involves promoting you and your company. We have a wide reach and use it to your advantage. This includes transaction referrals, agent referals and PR. We actively drive visibility at various events and through a network of contacts. All to increase visibility and attract new customers for you.

Unlimited Access by member and up to nine key staff to our staff via email, text, and phone:

This allows the client and up to nine key staff members to have unlimited access. Our staff is available through email, text, and phone, providing support and guidance.

Enterprise license to the entire tools and downloads collection for your team or organization:

Our clients are granted enterprise license to access our exclusive collection. Our proven tools, downloads and insights that will improve the performance of your business.

Twelve days onsite annually to assist in implantation:

We schedule 18 days of on-site support annually with our Elite Partner. Results matter to us. So we take the time to assist in the implementation of the strategies and tactics. Making sure the business plan works and make any necessary adjustments.

Two days onsite for assessment and onboarding:

We schedule four days of on-site support for assessment and onboarding for our Elite Partner. This gives us a chance to really understand the team and processes.

Elite Partner Program Investment

$5,000/mo + $10,000 onboarding + Travel and Expenses


Ready To Learn More About Being A Elite Partner?

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Our Travel and Expense Policy:

We are more careful with our client’s resources than we are with our own and avoid overspending or unnecessary costs. We may contract with hotels and agencies to get the best possible prices. We’ll also aim for the most reasonable option when we can. For example, we prefer booking plane tickets in economy class, unless there is reason for upgraded travel.

  • Accommodation. Business hotels that are generally 3 to 4 stars, higher grade hotels are only appropriate for events or conferences if the hotel is hosting the event.
  • Air, train, ship or other transportation fares. Coach fare reimbursed for flights under 2.5 hours, business class for trips more than 2.5 hours.
  • Local transportation during trips. Taxi, ride share fairs, metro, public transportation, tolls. Rental cars of intermediate class or smaller.
  • Meals and incidentals. Up to $75.00 per day when traveling for business for meals and incidentals.

Want to do a little due diligence?

As luxury real estate broker consultants, real estate recruiting coaches, real estate business consultant, and CEO consultants for real estate, we are confident that our resources, insights and strategies can help you achieve your goals.

Remember, success in the luxury real estate industry starts with knowledge and strategy, and we are here to provide you with both.

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