Maximizing Team Performance: 5 Ways to Take Your Team from Good to Great

Maximizing Team Performance: 5 Ways to Take Your Team from Good to Great

This article shares insights on Maximizing Team Performance. Five Ways to Take Your Team from Good to Great. This article was written for Inman News  by Chris Pollinger.


Maximizing Team Performance: How to Take your Team from Good to Great

A Luxury Real Estate Broker Coach’s Viewpoint

In the real estate industry, success is measured by closed transactions. However, getting a team to increase transaction volume and perform at a greater capacity can be a challenge. As a luxury real estate broker consultant, I have seen firsthand the importance of effective leadership. In this article, I will provide practical tips and insights to help team leaders develop their leadership skills and inspire their teams to achieve their goals.

Maximizing Team Performance Tip 1 – Prioritize Personal Development Plans

Maximizing team performance tip 1 - prioritize personal development plansTo get the most out of your sales team, each member should have a personalized development plan that helps them improve their skills and expertise. This not only enhances individual performance but also complements gamification practices, making personal development more engaging. As a leader, it’s essential to recognize the unique strengths and qualities of each team member and provide them with the resources they need to grow. Remember, on average, 84 percent of sales training content is lost after 90 days. Follow up is essential.

Maximizing Team Performance Tip 2 – Focus on Leading Indicators

Maximizing team performance tip 2 - focus on leading indicatorsWhile revenue is a key indicator of success in the real estate industry, it’s a trailing indicator. Instead, focus on leading indicators that are most appropriate for each team member’s position. For example, a buyer’s agent might focus on real estate conversations had or open houses held, while an admin person might focus on files checked or personal interactions with clients and team members. By concentrating on these leading indicators, team members can track their daily activity and work towards achieving their goals.

Maximizing Team Performance Tip 3 – Create a Culture of Accountability

Maximizing team performance tip 3 - create a culture of accountabilityCreating a culture of accountability is essential to motivating and inspiring your team to achieve their goals. Schedule regular meetings with your team and have each person share their dashboard and goal for the upcoming week. I am a personal fan of using a mastermind coaching system. If you want a free copy of the structure we use, send me a note. Celebrate successes and use shortfalls as teaching moments. When everyone is accountable, including the team leader, the team becomes more cohesive, and individuals are more motivated to perform at their best.

Maximizing Team Performance Tip 4 – Use Gamification to Motivate Sales Teams

97% of employeesMaximizing team performance tip 4 - use gamification to motivate sales teams aged 45+ claim gamified activities improve the quality of their work. Gamification is an effective way to motivate sales teams and encourage independent learning and self-motivation. It allows you to give your team autonomy and ensure individuals are hitting their own personal targets, even if they are outperformed by others. By prioritizing selling hours and ensuring mid-performers receive a good proportion of the strongest sales leads, you can help them experience success and motivate them to become top sellers. Additionally, sales techniques should be based on data-driven best practices, which can be shared by top performers through a mentoring scheme.

Maximizing Team Performance Tip 5 – Provide One-on-One Coaching

Maximizing team performance tip 5 - provide one-on-one coachingRegular coaching is integral to helping your sales team reach peak performance. Companies that provide solid coaching to their team see a 16.7% growth in their annual revenue. It’s important to coach your team through a variety of customer interactions, so they’re better prepared to handle difficult situations and close more deals. Additionally, one-on-one coaching allows your reps to feel more confident in their approach to sales and provides them with input from an expert. Remember, if you ignore this, as high as 60% of sales reps say they’re more likely to leave their job if their manager is a poor coach.

Effective leadership is essential to motivating and inspiring real estate teams to achieve their goals. By prioritizing personal development plans, focusing on leading indicators, creating a culture of accountability, using gamification to motivate sales teams, and providing one-on-one coaching, team leaders can help their teams perform at a higher capacity. Remember, as an industry, we get paid to get things done, and effective leadership is the key to achieving success.


A Parting Thought


We hope that the information provided is helpful in guiding you on your journey to building a thriving real estate business.

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