Growing with Teams

Growing with Teams

Growing an organization with teams can be an extremely effective way to boost profitability, marketshare and efficiency.  Good teams are dominating the market.  The 80-20 rule skews closer to 90-10 in real estate.  10% of the top in every office cover about 90% of the company dollar.  This is applicable across brands and models for offices of any size or scale.


Growing with Teams

We were approached by a client who had a problem.  They wanted to grow.  The ambitions were significant, but building the office through traditional strategies was proving futile.  As we collaborated, they related with and enjoyed working with other high performers.  They were miserable and fruitless when working with the “average” agent.   Growing with teams  was a perfect solution for them.

We’ve been building teams for over two decades.  Far before they were fashionable.  In those two decades, we have discovered what works and what doesn’t.  While there are several was to structure a team, there are certainly models which are more profitable than others.

With this knowledge base, we worked with the client to shift their focus to a growth by team model.  Building an office by actively building teams inside of it.  Within 12 months, the client grew by 400% and was able to cut the time they spend “managing” from 30 hours down to 10 a week.

Here is the simplified overview.  It is designed to be printed on 11×17 in paper and can serve as a map for your own success.


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