Mastermind Group System

Mastermind Group System

The idea of having a mastermind group isn’t a new one.  It’s been around for decades in various forms with good results.  At RE Luxe Leaders, we have found it to be very effective for group coaching and accountability which we have been using for 20+ years now.  In fact, it’s a core system we use for our teams and brokerages to accelerate growth.

The key for our system is to group agents and staff around common goals or interests.  There is a population sweet spot for these groups and it’s in the 10-15 people range, although you can do them effectively with 5 to 20.  Groups that need higher accountability can meet weekly, while those needing higher level focus can be monthly.

We tell our clients before they modify things too much or push back, try them for 4 sessions.  The first session will be a bit awkward.  The second you will get the flow.  By the third, you will see lives start being changed.

Mastermind Group Meeting Overview

Before meeting

Everyone signs in on the sign in sheet.  Everyone brings an issue or question they are wanting to address.  “A” indicates it is a boring and urgent issue.  “B” indicates it is important but not urgent.  “Q” indicates it is a quick question.  “KPI” is rated on a range from 1-5 on how they feel their business is going at the moment.  “Money” is rated on a range from 1-5 on how they feel their financial situation is at the moment.  “People” is rated on a range from 1-5 on how they feel the most important relationships to them are going at the moment.  “Health” is rated on a range from 1-5 on how they feel their overall health and fitness is at the moment.


Inclusion Exercise (10 minutes)

At the beginning of the meeting, everyone in the group has one minute to share personal or professional events since the last meeting (build camaraderie)

  • Leader sets the tone, you must share a significant event first


Best Practices (15 minutes)
  • Share success stories
  • Who had success around KPI’s and how did you do it?


KPI Review (10 minutes)
  • Who had appointments, wrote contracts, closed a transaction since the last meeting?


Previous Action Promises Review (5 minutes)
  • Cross or check off action promises completed and leave on the list, applaud those completed.
  • Push undone action promises to the next sheet for the following meeting.


Issue Processing (30 minutes)
  • Leader to review the sheet and choose one or two of the most urgent topics, or those with commonality
  • Include role play into this process
  • At the end of working the issue, the highlighted individual to agree to one or two action promises that go on the board with a due date. Ask them to give a “by when”, but if too far out, pull it back in


New Action Promises, due next meeting (10 minutes)
  • Leader to write on the sheet
Group Feedback (10 minutes)
  • What made this meeting worthwhile?
  • What could we do to make it better?
  • Suggestions become future agenda items


We are attaching the downloads here, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how to use the Mastermind Group system best for your team.


Download the sheets:

*Downloads are best printed on 11 x 17 paper.

Instruction Sheet 11×17
Sign In Sheet 11×17
Processing Sheet 11×17
Promises Sheet 11×17
Plus Delta Sheet 11×17