42 Day Sprint Template

42 Day Sprint Template

Our 42 Day Sprint template is one of our tools we use with agents in our membership program.  We believe in measuring progress and stepping back from time to time and evaluating how to improve.  The 42 Day Sprint Template is an 11×17 PDF file which gives you a no holds barred six-week program for creating momentum.


Philosophy and Methodology

We are really intentional in our own lives and encourage our clients to live in the same.  With that said, our tools and core systems are designed the way they are on purpose and through years of trial and error.  Everything we do has a reason behind it.

This tool is designed to give your business a six-week kick in the ass.  It’s a sprint that will challange you mentally, physically and change your momentum through brute force effort.  The 42 Day Sprint is a straight out run, no days off and is purposely out of balance to shake up your business and habits.

We are happy to walk you through it if you have any questions.  Feel free to contact us anytime.

42 Day Sprint Screenshot


Step One

If you haven’t already, download the 42 Day Sprint Template.

42 Day Sprint Template

Step Two

Define your six-week wake up ritual.  We have you getting up at 5am.  Yes, 5am.  Why?  Because this program is for those who want to willfully change momentum in their business.  That starts with creating change in you.  5am is quiet.  yes, it is is early.  But, 5am is the hour that legends are made.  Define your ritual.  Do you meditate?  Do you visualize success as you sip a warm cup of coffee?  Are you super aggressive and start with a cold shower?  Don’t wait until you wake up to decide, do it intentionally now.  And no, hitting the snooze button shouldn’t be on the list.

Step Three

Define your six-week work out goals.  If you haven’t been exercising, start with walking.  Don’t over do it out of the gate.  If you’ve been couch surfing, six weeks is long enough to train for a 5k.  If you want to lose weight, put that down.  Already a gym superstar?  Ask your trainer what you can do to push yourself in the next 6 weeks.

Step Four

Define your 42 Day Sprint personal development goal.  Maybe it’s to read a business or personal development book (or listen to it).  Perhaps it’s working on a new language.  Or adding a new skill like video editing which will pay off in your business in spades.

Step Five

Write down your three preferred social channels from your Luxury Archetype Profile.

Step Six

Write down your goals for the next six weeks for your social channels.  Is it expand audience to those who share your core values?  How about mastering a new aspect of the channel?  Or is to increase engagement?

Step Seven

Everyone should write down PCG, B2B and Niche Marketing.  If you are more aggressive, add phone calls and door knocking.  If you are more passive, add open houses.

Step Eight

Write down your Private Client Group (PCG) goals.

Step Nine

Write down your Business to Business (B2B) goals.

Step Ten

Write down what productive things you are going to pursue when you are bored.  Truth is, there will be some down time.  Instead of falling into bad habits that don’t contribute to your success like playing Angry Birds, what can you do that is productive?  How about working “on” your business?  Or spend some time in your personal development?  Maybe try making a game of updating your CRM.

Step Eleven

Write down your top three Core Values.  We do this to keep you focused on who your target audience is.

Step Twelve

Write down your top five Inherent Strengths.  We do this to keep you focused on what you do best and how you should be spending 80% of your time.