2023 Ski Report by Savills

2023 Ski Report by Savills

Savills released their 2023 Ski Report.  In addition to our Luxury Reports, we also bring curated industry reports to our members from other leading luxury research outlets.  Savills has a unique perspective as a London based luxury real estate company who has been serving the Alps region for more than 20 years.  They have released their 2023 Ski Report that we are sharing with our members.

Here is a quick, executive summary of the 2023 Ski Report

Despite the pandemic’s impact, prime ski property has seen impressive growth in demand over the past two years. Embrace the trend and join the mountain lifestyle revolution.

North America is on the rise, with the Rockies leading the way and a record number of ski areas. Capitalize on the industry’s growth by investing in top-notch ski resorts. Vail Resorts and Alterra Mountain Company are setting the standard with $320 million and $1 billion in planned investments, respectively.

Unlock opportunities in the Asia Pacific region with a weakened Japanese Yen and growing interest in skiing in China. Take advantage of the North American prime ski residential market’s positive performance last year, driven by domestic demand for a better quality of life and more space.

The European Alps are the world’s leading ski destination and continue to make major investments in their resorts. Remote work options are abundant, with extended stay deals and accommodations for longer-term property owners.

Don’t miss out on the Asia Pacific region’s potential. Despite last season’s COVID-19 restrictions, the demand for prime ski property is expected to grow with increasing incomes in China and an aging population in Japan. Chinese skiers may look to both regional and international markets, presenting opportunities for the European and North American ski markets. Be at the forefront of this exciting trend.


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