12 Secret and Unusual Places to Recruit Real Estate Agents and Amazing Staff

12 Secret and Unusual Places to Recruit Real Estate Agents and Amazing Staff

This article shares insights on how to take your real estate recruitment to the next level by tapping into the unusual places to recruit real estate agents and amazing staff. Inman News featured the article by Chris Pollinger.


With the right approach, unusual places can provide you with a pool of highly motivated and skilled talent. Individuals who can take your business to new heights.

Recruiting real estate agents and amazing staff is a universal need for real estate brokers and team leaders. We all know how to post to the on-line job boards and get average results. But if we want to find “amazing” we have to get creative.

With the right approach, unusual places can provide you with a pool of highly motivated and skilled talent. Individuals who can take your business to new heights. Over my 25+ years in real estate leadership, I’ve found a dozen often overlooked places to find hidden talent.  I’ve shared these tips as a real estate recruiting coach in our “how to recruit real estate agents from A-Z” Recruiting Masterclass.

Secret Spots to Find Amazing Staff  


How to recruit real estate agents - real estate recruiting coachProfessional Networking Sites

Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn can be super valuable. LinkedIn is going through a rebirth. This is a great resource for connecting with your competitors’ agents and staff. Past that, you can also search for people with specific skills and experience.


Social Media

Leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Both real estate agents and potential support staff are spending tons of time on them. Most of the industry training revolves around content creation and posting schedules. I have found when recruiting, being the one who comments on posts is far more effective. Look for those who fit your culture and reach out.


Virtual Assistants

I’d be remiss if I left out remote staff. Virtual assistants can handle administrative, marketing and computer-based tasks. They are a fraction of the cost based on US standards. VA’s can support real estate agents and management in their day-to-day operations.  If you need some recommendations, feel free to contact us.

I was on a cruise last year and found myself talking to the ship’s doctor. She was a trauma surgeon in the Philippines in her prior job. I found out that our VA, who makes $7 an hour, makes the same as she did as a trauma surgeon. The point being, you can tap the top of the talent pool in another country for less than half of an entry level wage here.


Real estate recruiting - real estate recruitmentStudent Interns

Homeschooled students have flexible schedules and are self-directed. They tend to be far more comfortable with interacting with adults than their peers. Homeschooled kids are often highly motivated and have strong interpersonal skills. Plus doing some intern work can usually be leveraged toward educational credits.

I have also found students on the cross-country team make great interns. They are comfortable being alone and have the self-discipline to keep going when others aren’t watching. These kids tend to make great interns as well.


Stay-at-Home Parents

Stay-at-home parents can make great real estate agents and support staff. Parenthood requires strong organizational and multitasking skills. Little people’s lives count on it.

They tend to be WAY OVERQUALIFIED. But if you are willing to work around the kids’ schools schedules, they are great and loyal.


Retired Seniors

Retired seniors are another pool of people who tend to be overqualified. Like stay-at-home parents, they often are choosing to work for some “side money.” They have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, making them a valuable asset.


Secret Spots to Recruit Real Estate Agents  


How to recruit real estate agents - real estate recruiting consultantGyms

Gyms and fitness centers can be a great place to find potential real estate agents and support staff. These individuals are motivated. Grit is the single most important factor in a successful real estate agent. If someone has the discipline to go to the gym every day, they can usually translate that into real estate.


Veteran Groups

I’ve had many friends over the years who retired after 20 years of military service. Each one of them had strong leadership skills and a commitment to serving. They also follow directions. Which makes this an amazing place to recruit real estate agents from.

So many Vets get out and struggle to find a place in the civilian space. They were rockstars in a universe they understood. Then they find themselves wandering a bit aimlessly as they try to orient to a world that operates on a different set of rules. Teach them the lingo. Provide them step-by-step instructions. They will find that inner rockstar again and will be loyal to you for helping them do it.


Retail Stores

Retail employees often have strong customer service skills. A commitment to providing excellent service should be core for both potential agents and staff. They also don’t get paid much. Retail is a great place to poach hidden talent and recruit real estate agents.



Nurses disproportionally make great real estate agents. They often have strong communication skills and a commitment to serving their communities. I have also found they are wired to go above and beyond for their clients. They aren’t afraid of hard work and are used to doing the unglamorous side of medicine. Real estate by comparison is easy and pays way better. Tap into this resource to recruit real estate agents.




There are many teachers who have become disillusioned with the system they work in. Very few real estate agents grew up wanting to be a realtor. Most come from other industries after finding the work, pay, and quality of life were out of balance.

Teachers are patient. They know how to command a room of kids with short attention spans. They also tend to make real good agents and mentors. Teachers are a great pool to recruit real estate agents from.

Community Colleges

Community colleges often offer an intro to real estate course. This is a self-identified pool to recruit real estate agents from. These programs often are looking for a guest lecturer. One hour a semester can open doors to some amazing individuals. It allows you to skim the top of the cream of the crop before your competitors even know they exist.

Good talent is out there. While everyone is trying to fish in the same competitive arenas like Indeed, choose to look elsewhere. By taking a different approach you can find amazing talent. They are local, ready and in your budget. They are also happy to help you take your business to the next level.


Chris Pollinger, Founder & Managing Partner of RE Luxe Leaders, is the profit whisperer to the leadership elite in the business of luxury real estate. He is a national speaker, consultant and leadership coach.  Learn more about his broker, manager and team leader growth programs at RELuxeLeaders.com


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