Covid-19 Crisis -We’ve Got Your Back

Covid-19 Crisis -We’ve Got Your Back

Covid-19 Crisis – An open letter to our clients, friends and community.

In times of crisis, people’s character is put on display. In the past week, I have seen CPA’s hold needed financials for business owners to apply for emergency funding until they are paid. I have witnessed vendors refuse to show up to facilitate essential business because an invoice has gone 3 days past due. We have heard about needed consultants, experts and advisors leave people in the dark due to temporal cash flow problems.

I want to assure you, that IS NOT who we are. Back when I sold real estate, I would tell clients that I would never let my fee get in the way of them and their goals. I have not left that philosophy. At RE Luxe Leaders, we play the long game. We believe in loyalty.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis and associated lock downs, for the balance of 2020 we will be adopting a “pay what you can when you can” policy.

We do what we do because of the people we get to do it with. Our clients are our friends, our compatriots and our heroes. Our shared values bring us together. And together we change our corners of the world.

Difficult times either break people or accelerate their growth. It is in the pivotal moments, when so much is on the line that quantum leaps are made. Jen and I am so proud of each of our clients and how they have navigated these uncertain times thus far.

We are in this with you. The entire globe is having cash flow issues. You are not unique in this. As we go through this crisis and in the months as an industry recovers, we will not abandon you. We also know that it is these times where legends are made. Market share shifts and massive growth come from what you are doing while the rest of the world is running around like Chicken Little.

We’ve got your back. We will survive this. We will come out the other side stronger together.

In gratitude and solidarity,

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