VIP Benefits Package

VIP Benefits Package

The VIP Benefits Package is an integral part of our base core system is the Private Client Group (PCG).  It takes a wealth management, high touch approach to developing clients versus customers.  We advocate relationships that transcend the transaction and deliver a steam of ongoing value.  In the overview, we outline the basic structure of the system.  In this article we dive into the VIP Benefits Package itself.

First and foremost, we start with a long term perspective.   Despite other very popular coaching systems, when we approach relationships to “squeeze deals” we miss out on the human aspect.  You are interested in developing loyalty and advocates.

In order to give structure to the VIP Benefits Package, we start with these ten items as a starting point.  Feel free to add to them or substitute them out.  There are two key points.  First, you take on an obsessive and compulsive drive to bettering your client care on an ongoing basis.  Think progress vs perfection. Our PCG has yields that climb from 15 transactions for every 100 people in year one to 35 transactions per every 100 after three years because of the shift in client care focus.  You will continue to find new ways to layer in better service as well as ways to delight and wow your clients.  Second, you brand it to you and your team.  The only way someone can get the VIP Benefits Package is to be a client or to be referred by one of your clients.


The VIP Benefits Package


Annual Title Check


People know about identity theft.  It’s well publicized and most will fall victim to it at some point in their lives.  But very few know that properties also fall victim to nefarious players.  In order to protect your clients from unauthorized liens, your clients will receive a complementary annual title check.

You can work with your favorite title rep to help facilitate this or take the DIY approach with the tools typically available through your MLS or through NAR’s RPR tool.  It takes a few seconds for your assistant to pull each one and you can choose to stagger your clients schedules to limit it to ten to twenty per month.



Annual Property Valuation


NARRPR is a free benefit available to every Realtor in the US.   It makes it incredibly easy to run a property report and send the PDF to the client.  It gives a rough estimate as to value and some great stats, charts and area information on the real estate market.  The annual valuation is a terrific tool to provide value and education on what is going on in the real estate market and how it affects the client.  The power in these is in the delivery when the client isn’t thinking about buying or selling.



Annual Mortgage Evaluation


Work with your preferred lender to touch base with your clients once a year.  People’s lives change and their financial needs and goals will shift.  By touching base once a year to do a complementary evaluation it gives you an opportunity to drive value.  It also gives your preferred mortgage partner re-finance leads with a warm hand-off.



Annual Tax Evaluation


Each year, the assessor pins a new value to the property.  Depending on the state and the market cycle, double checking that number can be a huge value.  If the value is too high, you can help them challenge the assessment, saving them money.  Either way, your clients will appreciate you looking out for them.



Community Referrals


Real Estate Professionals are in a unique position to celebrate the community and those in it.  As an industry, we are constantly referring people to those we think will take the best care of them.  This starts in the home department with contractors, painters, roofers, plumbers, etc.  But it also extends into the community to doctors, chiropractors, dentists, restaurants and gyms.

As you build your B2B group, have high standards and let your clients know when they are looking for the inside scoop, you are better than Yelp.



VIP Invitations


As part of your PCG, you are scheduling several events a year.  Two are personal in nature and two are educationally based.  Your clients get priority invitations to these events for them and their guests.  The second level of this is to look for an opportunity to do something personally with each of your “A” and “B” clients.  For example, if you are going to a concert, theater or a game, buy four tickets instead of two and take a client who would appreciate it.  Shared memories are a fast track way to build loyalty.


For an illustration of obsessive progression, we point to one of our luxury teams who invited all their “A” clients who had referred four or more clients in the last year (an internal metric not shared with the client) to Tuscany.  They invited approximately forty people and seventeen said they could go.  They spent ten days riding Vespa’s through Tuscany and having a great time.  Whether they went or not, the clients still talk about that to this day.



Free Notary


As part of the VIP Benefits Package, you clients can get free Notary services on the rare occasions they find they need them.  The best is to have your team admin have their Notary and offer it in house.  If that’s not something you have, then work with your preferred closing services agent.  You can also work out a deal with a local business in your B2B group which offers Notary and have them hold your credit card to cover the nominal charges on their behalf.



Priority Response


Your clients get priority response.  They get called back first.  VIP’s get VIP treatment.  It cost nothing, but goes miles in making someone feel special which drives referrals.



Market Alerts


Set up each of your clients on an auto alert whenever something is listed or sold in their neighborhood.  You can add a note that says something like: “I know you aren’t in the market right now, but I wanted to let you know I am looking out for you and keeping an eye on what’s going on around you.  I wanted to send this over to you to keep you informed.”  Everyone likes being in the know and by sending them the information you are beating the local farmers, door knockers and ill-informed nosey neighbors.



Sneak Previews


Give your clients VIP sneak previews of listings you and your team are getting ready for the market.  This gives your clients a benefit, but it also give you an advantage at the listing appointment.  It’s easy, simple and incredibly effective.



There are dozens of other ideas which are at no or very little cost which you can add.  The key is to drive value and brand it as unique to you and your team.  Once defined and put into practice, it is now something you can leverage into your B2B program and Niche Marketing programs.


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